As I was looking through my son’s local hockey programs Facebook page last Saturday, I ran across this.  It stopped me in my tracks.  I started to feel bad.  Earlier that day I had talked to my son about his play quality.  It was not his best effort, or result.  I told him to work harder, and make sure that he had a good week of practice.  I told him to make sure next Saturdays game was much better.  My son is six years old, and absolutely loves the game (which was my dream).  He is actually a pretty good little player that I am extremely proud of.

IEHN Photography
IEHN Photography

After reading this I felt horrible.  I had got after my son for a down day.  What was I thinking?  Had I taken into consideration that he had been staying with my parents playing with family the last couple days.  Had I considered that he had been fighting a fever and cough off and on for the past week.  Had I considered that it was a 9:00 am game.  No,  I took none of these things into consideration.  I felt terrible, what was I thinking, he is a kid, who is playing this game for fun.  Yep, fun!!!  Why do so many parents forget what this game is about?  Why do we tend to want to live out our dreams or failures through our kids?  Why do we pressure our children to succeed in hockey, instead of encouraging them to work hard and have fun.  Yes, HAVE FUN, that is why we take the kids to the rink? Right?  I often wonder what youth hockey would be like if we dropped our kids off at the door, and let them go play on their own.  I bet the kids would have more fun.

Although it made me feel bad, I was so glad to read this.  It is amazing!  Every coach and parent should have to read this every time we take our kids to the rink.  It would remind us why we are taking them to the rink.  These are kids, let them play the game they love and enjoy.  Lets face it, the odds of having a child that makes the NHL is not very good.  Let the great game of hockey be fun for our kids.  Offer encouragement and teach them sportsmanship.  Hockey is suppose to be fun.


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