1   – Vancouver Canucks  /  Vancouver Canucks

2   – Detroit Red Wings  /  St. Louis Blues

3   – San Jose Sharks  /  Phoenix Coyotes

4   – Chicago Blackhawks  /  Nashville Predators

5   – Los Angeles Kings  /  Detroit Red Wings

6   – Anaheim Ducks  /  Chicago Blackhawks

7   – Nashville Predators  /  San Jose Sharks

8   – Calgary Flames  /  Los Angeles Kings

9   – Dallas Stars  /  Calgary Flames

10 – St. Louis Blues  /  Dallas Stars

11 – Edmonton Oilers  /  Colorado Avalanche

12 – Phoenix Coyotes  /  Minnesota Wild

13 – Minnesota Wild  /  Anaheim Ducks

14 – Colorado Avalanche  /  Edmonton Oilers

15 – Columbus Blue Jackets  /  Columbus Blue Jackets

          – Well I got six of the eight playoff teams correct.  I had Anaheim picked way too high, but I don’t think that too many people expected them to struggle so much out of the gate.  I also got Phoenix and St. Louis wrong, but these were also surprises.


1   – Philadelphia Flyers  /  New York Rangers

2   – Boston Bruins  /  Boston Bruins

3   – Washington Capitals  /  Florida Panthers

4   – Buffalo Sabers  /  Pittsburgh Penguins

5   – Tampa Bay Lightning  /  Philadelphia Flyers

6   – Pittsburgh Penguins  /  New Jersey Devils

7   – New York Rangers  /  Washington Capitals

8   – Montreal Canadiens  /  Ottawa Senators

9   – Florida Panthers  /  Buffalo Sabers

10 – Carolina Hurricanes  /  Tampa Bay Lightning

11 – Toronto Maple Leafs  /  Winnipeg Jets

12 – New York Islanders  /  Carolina Hurricanes

13 – New Jersey Devils  /  Toronto Maple Leafs

14 – Winnipeg Jets  /  New York Islanders

15 – Ottawa Senators  /  Montreal Canadiens

          – I have five of the eight playoff teams correct in the Eastern Conference.  I got two way wrong (embarrassing) Ottawa I had last and New Jersey 13th, way off.  I had Florida just out, but they were just about out.  I had Montreal just slipping into the Playoffs, and they took dead last.

Predictions were originally posted on 10/4/2011.

Brad Burud the owner/editor of the Inside Edge Hockey News. I am a huge fan of hockey, from youth hockey, to junior hockey, and of course professional hockey. I have played, coached, worked as statistician, and watched hockey all of my life. Hockey is not just a game, it is a lifestyle and family. The game of hockey is great! It can bring you nights of great enjoyment. It also brings nights where you feel like your team will never win. I am proud to be a journalist for the greatest game in the world. I have a degree in Business Administration, Psychology from Minot State University. I also have a Hockey General Manager and Scouting, and Sports Communications/Journalism degree from Sports Management Worldwide. I am also a member of the Sports Executives Association. Most of all I am a fan. Hockey is a huge part of my life and my families life.


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