Inside Edge Hockey News – Website Redesign

The Inside Edge Hockey News now has a new and improved design and look. I thank you for your patience during the transition. It took much longer than I expected, but I think the new design will drastically improve the quality and make it worth the wait. It took some time, and whilst friends have had great luck with Cheap Websites being made for them before, I chose to do this myself. I hope to continue to improve this website over the years to come and focus on reporting hockey news from the fans perspective. Websites are crucial these days and if you’re redesigning your own, don’t forget to use a hosting service that matches, like use this link.

I spent a lot of time researching different web designs and deciding what I needed to improve on my website, before reading this list of niche website ideas. This gave me the inspiration that I needed. The following are areas in which I have improved this website. The homepage now features a slider that allows the viewer to see feature articles and link to that feature. The homepage also has a Twitter log, blog posts, fan poll, video, hockey charity link, and links to all methods of social media outlets. The new website format will help fans get to information in a much more user friendly way than the previous website format. This format will now feature a stronger blog and social media presence along with excellent feature articles. I hope that you like the new design and find it easier to use. Please bookmark this website and check back frequently. The focus of this website is the fan, please contact us with any questions, suggestions or comments that you have. Thank you for your patience and enjoy!


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