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My name is Auddie James and I am a sports content creator on YouTube. Born and raised just outside of Toronto, I have recently relocated to the Calgary area, and have focused my channel around the Calgary Flames and NHL news. I enjoy playing baseball, hockey, and golf, and collect sports memorabilia outside of YouTube. I hope you enjoy my content and my channel.
 Auddie James Mail Bag: Episode 1 If you want your questions featured in the next episode, be sure to go to Twitter and use the hashtag #AskAuddieJames followed by your question.
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 Is Connor McDavid Wasting His Talent in Edmonton? There is no doubt that Connor McDavid is one of the most gifted players in todays game. Let's discuss why I think he is wasting it all away in Edmonton.
 Calgary Flames Through 70 Games feat. Andrew Piluk! (2018-2019) Today, we take a look at the play of the Calgary Flames through 70 games! How do you think the boys in the flaming "C" have looked so far?