Ten crazy predictions that I feel will happen throughout the 2011-2012 National Hockey League season.  It will be a very interesting and exciting year.

* ORIGINAL POST DATE – 10/4/2011

1 – Suspensions will be at an all-time high.

2 – Crosby will play less than 30 Regular Season games.

3 – Phoenix, Florida, and Dallas will all have financial and attendance issues.

4 – Bryzgalov will pay big dividends in Philly.

5 – Mason will not be the starter in Columbus by All-Star break.

6 – Jamie Benn will finally get recognized as a star.  He is a young dynamic player that will break-out.

7 – Nash will have a huge year with the help of Jeff Carter on his line.

8 – Sutter will be fired in Calgary, but the Flames will make the playoffs.

9 – Jaromir Jagr will be an impact player again.

10 – Thomas will struggle and Rask will take over.

* ORIGINAL POST DATE – 10/4/2011 – Posted on IEHN Blog