The 2018 IIHF World Junior Championship is well underway as Czech Republic and Sweden took part in their second game of the tournament on Thursday afternoon. Ahead of the game, one of the workers happened to get caught on the ice as the teams started to make their way out onto the ice for warm-ups and experienced something he probably hopes never happens ever again. The worker was still trying to get the pegs into the ice so he could get the net in place for the game, but a bunch of the Czech players never noticed him in the net as they took the ice and fired away at the net like there was no one inside of it. He nearly got smoked in the head a few times while he was out there, but some of the Czech players were nice enough to go over to apologize to him for nearly knocking him out with their shots. However, it didn’t get any better for him as he was smoked with a puck by one of the Swedish players as he made his way off the ice. See the full article at…

* Video from Bardown/YouTube

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