1013-World-Jr-ChampionshipWell hockey is back, kind of, well I’ll take it.  The National Hockey League and NHLPA are still not talking, and have made no attempt to talk in over two weeks.  Not a good sign for the hopes of having a shortened season.  Well forget about it, everyone else has.  It almost blows my mind how little lockout talk there has been since the World Junior Hockey Championships have started.  On Boxing Day the World Juniors started in Ufa, Russia.  Well, I know that having it is Russia is a negative, but its live hockey.  Not the replays we have had to watch for the past six months.  It is terrible to have to wake up at 4:30am to get your hockey fix, but it is worth it.  This is great hockey.  The NHL Network is providing live coverage, and replays during primetime.  This is great coverage, and will definitely help you get your hockey fix.  This will be a very interesting tournament this year with Canada, Russia, and the United States all in the same group.  It will definitely make for some entertaining first round games.  The big ones start tomorrow when the USA takes on Russia.  Check the NHL Network for live, and replay coverage.


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