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10 Crazy Predictions – 2013

Giotta Photography

Giotta Photography

10 Crazy Predictions for 2013

1 – Martin Broduer will struggle throughout the regular season resulting in the New Jersey Devils not making the playoffs.  I am afraid he should have retired while on top last season.

2 – Roberto Luongo will remain in Vancouver for the season, and will actually come in handy when injuries take a toll on the Canucks.  It’s out there, but is it really.

3 – Fights will be up this season in the NHL, I guess the players union lockout solidarity is gone.

4 – Mikael Granlund will impress, and Nail Yakupov will not impress.

5 – Edmonton will learn this year that maturity and veteran leadership is important and goaltending is critical – out of the playoffs again this year.

6 – No coaches will be fired this season.

7 – NHL Trade Deadline will be the busiest in the last five years.  I am talking upwards of 35 transactions.

8 – Alex Ovechkin will return to form this year, and Jason Spezza will fall from last years form.

9 – Despite the lockout NHL attendance averages will be up, and playoff television ratings will return to last years numbers.

10- Tim Thomas will announce his retirement.


Predictions are guesses or gut feelings.  These may sound outrageous, but it is fun and entertaining.  That is what it’s all about, right?

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