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The 2017 NHL Draft Lottery, which will determine the order of selection for the first 15 picks in the first round of the 2017 NHL Draft, will be held on Saturday, April 29, in Toronto. The results of the NHL Draft Lottery will be announced shortly after 8 p.m. ET, during live coverage of the event on NBC, Sportsnet, CBC and TVA Sports. Coverage on Sportsnet and CBC begins at 7:30 p.m. ET.

The 2017 NHL Draft Lottery will consist of three drawings: the 1st Lottery Draw will determine the club selecting first overall, the 2nd Lottery Draw will determine the club selecting second overall and the 3rd Lottery Draw will determine the club selecting third overall.

Participants in the NHL Draft Lottery include the expansion Vegas Golden Knights, who begin play in the 2017-18 season, and all other clubs that did not qualify for this season’s Stanley Cup Playoffs (or clubs that acquired the first-round picks of those non-playoff clubs).  The Golden Knights will be afforded the exact same lottery odds as the team finishing the regular season in 28th place – or with the third-worst regular-season record. They will be guaranteed no lower than the sixth overall selection.   To accommodate the addition of a 15th team in the NHL Draft Lottery, the odds for all other participating teams have been reduced proportionally from the odds utilized in last year’s NHL Draft Lottery.

The allocation of odds for the 1st Lottery Draw of the 2017 NHL Draft Lottery is as follows:


            Non-Playoff Team

            (Fewest Pts. to Most)           Odds

Colorado Avalanche               18.0%

Vancouver Canucks               12.1%

Vegas Golden Knights*           10.3%

Arizona Coyotes                     10.3%

New Jersey Devils                  8.5%

Buffalo Sabres                        7.6%

Detroit Red Wings                   6.7%

Dallas Stars                             5.8%

Florida Panthers                      5.4%

Los Angeles Kings                  4.5%

Carolina Hurricanes                3.2%

Winnipeg Jets                         2.7%

Philadelphia Flyers                  2.2%

Tampa Bay Lightning              1.8%

New York Islanders                0.9%

Vegas assigned same lottery odds as the team finishing the regular season in 28th place

The odds for the remaining teams will increase on a proportionate basis for the 2nd Lottery Draw, based on which club wins the 1st Lottery Draw, and again for the 3rd Lottery Draw, based on which club wins the 2nd Lottery Draw.

The 12 clubs not selected in the NHL Draft Lottery will be assigned NHL Draft selections 4 through 15, in inverse order of regular-season points.

The 2017 NHL Draft will take place at the United Center in Chicago. The first round will take place on Friday, June 23, and the subsequent rounds (2 through 7) on Saturday, June 24.

* Information provided via NHL Press Release
National Hockey League Press Release. Information provided from the NHL that describes various news releases that describe current events in the league.

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