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Call Me When It’s Over!

CALL ME WHEN ITS OVER!  I am sick and tired of this.  I understand that both sides want a fair deal.  I understand that we are talking about a lot of money.  The fact is, I just don’t understand the fact that they are currently giving up tons of money now, by not playing.  I have had many ups, and downs thoughout this lockout.  I have been proponents of both sides at times, but recently have found myself being more pro-owner.  Now that does not mean that I do not see the player’s point of view, and that I don’t agree with a few things the players are bringing up during negotiations.  I guess the fact of the matter is that I am sick and tired of this whole topic.  I am tired of people coming up to me and saying, “how is the lockout going for you.”  It sucks, it sucks for all fans.  I have always tried to sell this game to people.  I have always told people that hockey players are different than basketball, baseball or football players.  They play for money, but besides that they play for the love of the game.  I want to still believe this, but I don’t.  Its money, all money for both the owners and the players.  What they are forgetting is the fact that (as hard as it is to say this it’s true) the NHL is not a top professional sport.  It truly may not be in the top four.  That scares me, and frustrates me all in one.  I understand the reason for the lockout, but I do not understand why this could not have been addressed six months ago, and solved before the season was scheduled to start.  I am officially done thinking about the lockout.  I am done worrying about it on a daily basis.  Yes, I will still follow it, but I am no longer making it a daily focus.  I have found myself watching more college and junior hockey, which is fun and exciting, but I miss NHL hockey.  Thank you for listening to my rant.

Here is a list of a few final questions, and thoughts on the lockout:

– Do the players remember that 204 players never came back after the last lockout?

– Do the owners realize that they were the ones that started signing these ridiculous contracts?

– Do both of them realize that revenue is built by a strong fan base, and that is being destroyed every day that no games are being played?

– Do the players realize the stupidest thing I heard during this lockout was last week when they asked for their full 82 game salary if a shortened season is played?

- Do the players really agree with how Donald Fehr is handling this?

– Why can any player take part in the meetings, but owners cannot.  I don’t think this is helping.

– Do the players realize that their ridiculous tweets are not helping solve this, it’s hurting.

– Do the players realize that if the owners agree to the players proposal that there is a strong possibility that up to six teams will be losing money, and possibly contract.  Causing hundreds of players their job?

– Do the owners realize that they did make some mistakes when placing franchises in poor locations?

The fact is, neither side is innocent, and both sides want money.  What they both must keep in mind is a long-term CBA must be settled on that will work for both sides.  Its time to get to work, meet on a daily basis, and get this solved.  CALL ME WHEN ITS OVER!


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