gift-for-holidays     10 GREAT HOCKEY CHRISTMAS GIFTS

1   –  NHL GameCenter – $150.00  – Great gift for the serious NHL fan.  Watch every NHL game on your computer, Apple TV, Roku and many other smart televisions.  Also features game highlights, home and away feeds, and game archives.  It is the single most important thing that I purchase every year.  Another recent feature is the app option.  Purchase the NHL Gamecenter app for your phone or mobile device for $19.99 and watch all games on the go.  Available from

2   –  NHL Center Ice – $ 160.00 –  The NHL hockey television package.  Available from numerous cable providers.  The service varies slightly depending on the provider.  The NHL package features up to 40 games a week, with many of them in HD.  Can’t miss a game, this is your ticket.  Available from your local cable or satellite provider.

3   –  Sirius/XM NHL Network Radio – $140.00 – The 24 hour a day radio station of the NHL.  Great hockey talk radio, with many great shows.  Wake up to Hockey this Morning, follow that with The War Room.  Then fill your afternoon with Hockey Night In Canada Radio, and the Power Play.  Each night is filled with live games.  A complete day of hockey radio.  You can now get amazing holiday deals on radios and subscriptions.  Available at Sirius/XM.

4   –  The Hockey News Magazine Subscription – $52.95 – The number one hockey news magazine period!  The Hockey News is released 26 times a year, and features top-notch hockey coverage from the industry’s top writers.  The full color magazine makes every hockey fan excited to get the mail.  The highlight of the year is the annual THN Yearbook that is released in late August.  A must have read for any hockey fan.  Available at The Hockey News.

5   –  NHL Game Jersey – $329.00 –  Every fan wants to show their spirit by sporting a game jersey.  The new Edge Pro custom jersey, with custom name and number is available for any team.  The best stop to get a true customized game jersey, at a great price is River City Sports.  All teams are available in home, away and third jerseys.  Available at River City Sports.

6   –  Book – The Best Seat in the House: by Jamie McLennan – $19.95 –  The best hockey book that I have read in years.  This book is written by long time back up goalie Jamie McLennan.  His humorous look at life as a back up goalie in the NHL will leave you laughing out load.  A must have for hockey fans.  I could not put this book down.  Available at

7   –  Sauce Hockey Hat – $29.99 – The ultimate in hockey fashion.  The Sauce Hockey webpage features a dozen comfortable and stylish hockey hats.  With numerous styles to choose from there is no question that their will be one for your favorite hockey fan.  Available at Sauce Hockey.

8   –  Stiga Table Hockey – $89.99 – Every kid wants one, and so do adult hockey fans.   It’s a game I have enjoyed playing my whole life, and really enjoy playing with my children.  No matter how old you are, this is a cool and fun game.  All NHL teams, and many Olympic teams are available.  It is one Christmas gift that the whole family will enjoy.  Available at Total Hockey.

9   –  Magazine Subscription – The 4th Period – $15.95 –  This is not your run of the mill hockey magazine.  Its the life of hockey magazine.  This magazine focused on the game of hockey, along with the hockey lifestyle, and fashion.  It is published in full color with amazing photos.  A one year subscription is six issues. Each issue is  packed with great information.  A real value for any hockey fan.  Available at 4th Period.

10  –  Frozen Pond Autographed Jersey Grab Bag – $299.00  –  This is an amazing and exciting offer from The Frozen Pond.  It is a random grab bag that features a pro-weight NHL hockey jersey with a certified authentic autograph.  Numerous past and present NHL stars jerseys are in these grab bags.  The perfect, and exciting gift for the hockey collector.  Perfect for hanging in the man cave.  Available at The Frozen Pond.


Christmas is just weeks away, and it’s not too late to get a great hockey gift for your loved one.  I understand that most of these gifts are now useless based on the current NHL lockout, but hockey will be back.  Hopefully very soon.  Consider one of these great gift ideas, and we can all hope that we get NHL hockey back for Christmas.  I know that is what I am asking for from Santa.  Have a great holiday season, and Merry Christmas: from the Inside Edge Hockey News.




Brad Burud the owner/editor of the Inside Edge Hockey News. I am a huge fan of hockey, from youth hockey, to junior hockey, and of course professional hockey. I have played, coached, worked as statistician, and watched hockey all of my life. Hockey is not just a game, it is a lifestyle and family. The game of hockey is great! It can bring you nights of great enjoyment. It also brings nights where you feel like your team will never win. I am proud to be a journalist for the greatest game in the world. I have a degree in Business Administration, Psychology from Minot State University. I also have a Hockey General Manager and Scouting, and Sports Communications/Journalism degree from Sports Management Worldwide. I am also a member of the Sports Executives Association. Most of all I am a fan. Hockey is a huge part of my life and my families life.

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