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USAToday Sports Images

Winnipeg Jets superstar rookie Patrik Laine, had one rookie moment that he wants to forget, but unfortunately will never forget. Late in a tie game on Sunday night Laine fired a rebound into his own net to give Edmonton a 3-2 lead. A game the Oilers would go on to win. It is a goal that is difficult to describe and is a must watch.

Following the game Laine described that he was simply trying to clear the puck from the front of the net. “I kind of tried to get rid of the puck right away,” Laine said. “It was just a bad position for me. An unfortunate goal.” Or was it instincts. He is a goal scorer and that is what he did. It is just unfortunate. On the bright side, Laine has done so much good in Winnipeg this year that he cannot and should not let this bother him. Someday he can sit back and laugh like the rest of the hockey world.


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