The equipment manager is one of the most important members of every National Hockey League team, and there duties are often overlooked.  The equipment managers job never stops.  The hours are long, the work is difficult, and the rewards seem few and far between.  The tasks are numerous, from sharpening skates to repairing equipment, the duties never stop.  The Buffalo Sabres take an inside look at the daily grind of equipment managers, Rip Simonick (Equipment Manager), Dave Williams (Equipment Manager) and George Babcock (Asst. Equipment Manager).  The inside look describes the daily duties, and the interaction that goes on between players and equipment managers.  There job is very important to the success of the players, and if you talk to a present or former NHL player their gratitude is usually never ending.  Take a look as Beyond Blue & Gold takes you inside the life of a NHL Equipment Manager.


* Video Courtesy of Buffalo Sabres/YouTube

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