The Vegas Golden Knights will begin play in October of 2017.  So who will be on the new NHL expansion team?  The first league expansion draft since 1997, when the NHL added four franchises – Nashville (1998-99), Atlanta (1999-00), Columbus and Minnesota (2000-01).  The league will determine this new team based on a selection process that is expected to take place in late June.  Teams will be permitted to protect a set amount of players.  The remainder of players will be exposed in the expansion draft.  NHL teams will have to follow a group of rules and stipulations to who they can protect and how many can be protected.

Cap Friendly has put together an Expansion Draft Tool that lets fans work through the selection process and ultimately determine the roster of the Vegas Golden Knights.  It is very detailed and a lot of fun.  The process takes some time and thought, but it is well worth the time spent.  They do offer quick option that makes the selection process quick, easy and entertaining.


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